Eva Reinisch


Since April 2015 I am leading an Emmy Noether Research Group at the Institute of Phonetics and Speech Processing at Ludwig Maximilian University Munich. The title of our project is "The impact of auditory feedback on error monitoring and phonetic category representation in a second language." In October 2018 the two PhD students who collaborated in this project submitted their theses.

More generally my research interests cover a large variety of issues in spoken-language processing. Among others they concern signal-driven context effects on spoken-word recognition, organization of the mental lexicon, use of acoustic cues in native and non-native language processing, and the influence of foreign accent and dialect in spoken word recognition. I use perceptual adaptation paradigms to study the grain size of the units that we may use for speech perception. In my upcoming projects I will aim at including the perception-production link into this picture.

Since 2018 I am associate editor at Laboratory Phonology.


Institute of Phonetics and Speech Processing
Ludwig Maximilian University Munich
Schellingstr. 3
80799 Munich
E-mail: evarei AT phonetik DOT uni-muenchen DOT de